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Animal Shows for Kids - Barrie, Ontario

Having a special event or birthday party for kids and you want to add some fun and excitement in Barrie, Ontario? Don't have any ideas what to do for the kids entertainment? This section of our directory is for Barrie travelling animal parties that come to your location of choice. 

Animal Party

With NCP's Animal Shows, we give people a ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to see a wide variety of animals up close. We enjoy teaching people about animals and also giving you the chance to see them without glass or bars between you and them, unlike Zoo's and Pet Stores. Snakes and Lizards may make you shudder, and Rats may make you cringe, but there is more to these animals then HOLLYWOOD lets you see. Travelling Animal Parties in Barrie.


Barrie, Ontario - Live Animal Shows | Kids Birthday Parties & Special Events

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Animal shows are fun for children of all ages and it's a great idea for a kids party or event in Barrie. Great idea for kids birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, malls and more. Watching a live animal show also produces great education for both kids and adults. Everything Kids Party, Kids Party Directory has listings for Animal Shows and Animal Parties in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.