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Animal parties for kids birthday's and special events in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Are you looking for travelling animal shows for a kids party or event in Toronto? Everything Kids Party, Kids Birthday Party Directory has local listings for some of Toronto's best animal party services for kids.

Right Choice Children's Entertainment

Right Choice Children's Entertainment provides pet parties and pony rides for any kids celebration in Toronto. From kids birthday parties to promotional events we can bring you animal party fun. We are a one stop shop for all your party entertainment services. 416-931-5437 read more

Toronto Live Animal Shows for Kids | Special Events - Birthday Parties

Critter Junction At Critter Junction we are a happy family of animals and humans and live in harmony with each other. We started off with a small family of pets and exotic animals about 8 years ago and today we have a very impressive number of animals and species that many people have never encountered, let alone have actually seen. 

The best part about being at Critter Junction is that we love what we do! Not only do we make sure that these animals have the utmost level of care, we love playing and having fun with them. And what is better than giving other people a chance to do the same, to meet and enjoy the company of animals in a healthy and safe environment where they can learn about animals. We also hope that this motivates our guests in taking steps to protect and conserve the environment, where these creatures are from. 647-268-5057

The Travelling Critters 905-426-2693

Whimz Live Animal Programs 416-656-7894

Creature Quest 416-554-1940

Zoo To You 705-432-3490

Reptillia Inc. 905-761-6223